The 5 Main things holding you back from achieving your fitness goals (16 Jan 2018)

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Tip 1 - The Sad Step (The Scales)

  • Tuck it far away
  • Instead of weighing yourself, take progress photos of yourself each month and compare
  • Measure your key areas – Waist, Chest, Bum, Thighs, Hips etc

Tip 2 - Low calorie diets (can’t stand the word diet)

  • Stop focusing on numbers and zoom into YOU
  • If you increase your exercise regime you will burn more calories, you will need real food and you need to fuel your body properly
  • 1000 calories (generally recommended for losing weight) a day is unsustainable. Recommended calorie intake to maintain weight is 2000 for women & 2500 for men.
  • Low fat energy bars, meal replacement shakes are not good for you - eat real food...good food.

Tip 3 - Lack of Carbs (but the good ones)

  • Potatoes, Rice, Pasta, Noodles and Bagels
  • Your body loves Carbs after you have trained (The Window 20-45 mins after exercise)
  • Refuel after exercise with a mixture of Carbs and Protein, this will help your body to recover, get you ready for the next exercise session and build lean muscle
  • Don’t fear the FATS
    (You are told fats are bad for you and they have all been put into the same category and that they are all bad for you...WRONG, some FAT are essential to the body like oily fish (Salmon, Tuna, Sardines) Avocado, Eggs (with Yolk the yolk is good for you), Cheese, butter and nuts

    ***Low fat diet = Old school, get some healthy fat into your diet

Tip 4 - Lack of Water Intake

  • Currently with KZN's heat, we should be drinking 2-4 litres of water a day
  • Improves digestion, help you to burn more fat and improve energy levels and you will start to feel amazing
  • Cut out fizzy drinks, energy drinks the fruit juices and replace with water

Tip 5 - Unplanned Meals

  • Have your tuperware containers ready
  • Good food shopping, get loads of healthy ingredients, get home plan your food for the week then prepare food for each day to take to with you for the day. You can do one day in advance or a week if you are really busy
  • It stops you buying junk food on the go, energy drinks, or meal deals, you then have full control over the food you eat every day


If you follow these tips and then follow a good exercise regime you will loss fat and reach your goals.


Keep to a programme that fits into your daily/weekly life - one you can maintain.