Plogging (9 October 18)

What is Plogging? Well it’s a trend I stumbled into in my travels. Most of us take pride in how we look but how many of us take pride in the environment we live in?

I was impressed by a group of runners I met in London who practice PLOGGING. While running behind them I noticed that they would stop whenever they spotted any rubbish, collect it and put it in the bags they carried then carry on. That’s plogging, picking up litter while running. We all know that Running is good for our Health, well picking up litter is good for the planet’s health. I liked what I saw as I’m all for cleanliness, many even call me a “Neat Freak”…well…they say "Cleanliness is closer to Godliness” so don’t blame me. I vowed to practice this when I got back home but first, I needed to have a plan. I knew it wouldn’t be practical for me to do this for the entire 30km if I went for a long run or even a 10km as it might end up taking me 2hrs to finish 10km. So I came up with a plan that meant picking up litter the first 10-15minutes of my run then give my run some wings. I know it sounds like minimal cleaning up but you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. Small things practiced regularly make a BIG difference.

My fellow Runners, I’d like to invite you to join me in keeping our roads clean. Say “YES" and accept the challenge to PLOGGING - Together We Can Do More!!!!!!

NB: Kindly make use of disposable gloves - Happy Plogging Friends.