Q&A session with Phindi (17 July 2018)

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Our approach to fitness and wellness shouldn’t be in a form of "an event”, it should be a lifestyle. A lifestyle is part of your everyday life, it’s seldom weather dependent. Phindi Gule tackles a Q&A session with a few interested health advocates.

Natalie Smit - Hillcrest


Every winter I can’t seem to get myself out of the house for an exercise routine. My energies tend to run low, and lethargy sets in. This affects my general wellbeing, how can I overcome this?


Remember flowers need both Rain and Sun to grow. The same applies to human beings, we’ve got to survive both Winter & Summer. You simply need the 3D’s - DETERMINATION, DEDICATION & DISCIPLINE.

Being consistent with your exercise routine has a lot of benefits ESPECIALLY during winter. Cold and Flu is something prevalent during the winter season, now exercising even during the winter will help boost your immune system and your body will be less prone to Cold or Flu. An intake of supplements such as Immunizer can also help boost your immune system.

Our approach to Fitness & Wellness shouldn’t be in a form of "an event” it should be a Lifestyle. A lifestyle is part of your everyday life (WAY OF LIVING), it’s seldom weather dependent.

Zoleka Mcoyi - Morningside


What are my options if I don’t feel like going to Gym or being outdoors for training during winter?


If you look around, a lot of what we do at Gym can be done at home - so home exercise is always a winner. Body Weight Exercise is one of the trending form of exercises in 2018 and that can be done at home. We also need to start being creative and realistic about our schedule, commitments and our normal day to day activities.

Some of the Things to Do:

- Never use a Lift or Escalators unless you MUST (e.g got a trolley)
- When seated, lift both your legs (have them horizontal to the ground) HOLD the position for 30 seconds…rest for 10sec (try do 10 of those per day). GOOD FOR THIGHS
- Instead of a Chair, use a Stability Ball as your office chair. This will help strengthen your Core.