Hair Solutions For Active Women (28 August 2018)

 Every Tuesday on 
East Coast Drive with Bongani and Mags
between 16h40 & 16h50


As outlined last week, hair is the biggest problem for women - how to wear it, color, wig, weave…endless problems.

Here are the quick points every Woman (particularly Active Woman) needs to now about the up-keeping of their hair:

Here’s how Active Women can maintain Healthy looking Hair:

  1. Understand your Natural Hair:
    Whether you opt for a wig, weave or colouring your hair, you’ve got to know your Hair. The texture, strength and natural colour varies form person to person so knowing the boundaries is key.
  2. Wash and Treat your hair Regularly:
    Keeping your Scalp and Hair clean keeps the pours open and that encourages hair growth. Your head is part of your face so neglecting your scalp equates to neglecting you face (skin).
  3. Go for a Hairdo that matches Personality & Work:
    Be realistic about your your already existing commitments and line of work and match it to your lifestyle. Managing hair is a lot, do you have the time? Find hairdo’s that are quick and easy to manage if you are a busy woman (Braids, Short Hair…)
  4. Don’t be scared to cut your Hair:
    Often women get too attached to their hair and length there of. Cutting your hair on a regular basis is actually a good thing as you get to do away with dead and unhealthy hair.