Phindi Loves : Badinga Espadrille – For Relaxing into the Holiday Festivities

Good morning! We're a little late off the bat this week getting Phindi's latest feature out but we have been gearing up for a whopper sale come Black Friday. Without going into too much detail, let's jump straight into this weeks feature!

So the festive season is upon us and most people will be taking that well deserved break after a year of nothing but hard work. As you plan for that much needed rest, whether you're travelling, staying at home, visiting family or even, if you are like me, still working - it is important that you tone things down in every way. Let your hair down and kick off those boardroom heels. No more tip-toeing around the office.

Give your feet a bit of a breather without losing your sense of style. I recommend finding yourself that pair of shoes that allows you to still look smart, be comfortable, and gives you the option of wearing them with nearly everything in your wardrobe! You need a shoe that is ideal for almost any occasion - especially on holiday!

Holiday packing can be tricky. It needs proper planning and some thought process to every item going into the suitcase. We can always get away with packing a lot of clothes but never enough shoes. Shoes are naturally bulky and you don’t want to squeeze them into the suitcase and end up damaging them, do you? In an ideal world you could pack more than what you need but in reality you actually need fewer shoes that offer greater versatility. What shoe, you ask?

If you are the kind of girl who wears everything from Hot Pants, Dresses (all lengths) to jean and T-Shirts - I’ve got just the shoe for you. The Tsonga Badinga Espadrille is currently my absolute favourite. I love its trendy, sporty-yet-classic-and-clean look. For me, it serves both as a casual and semi formal shoe. When I feel like being ‘girly’, I rock it with dresses or skirts - the look is great when you need to be a little smart especially when you are on a holiday date night with girlfriends or your partner. You can also wear these lovely espadrilles with pants, however, I want to urge you ladies not to wear these stunning shoes with pants that cover your ankle. Trust me on this - you want to show off the beauty of this shoe.

The Badinga Espadrille is not only beautiful, but it is honestly the most comfortable shoe I have worn - ever. Like all Tsonga shoes though, comfort is naturally their number one priority. If, like me, you're working during the holidays, take advantage of the season: give your feet a break. They'll thank you for it later. The nice thing about the Badinga as an office shoe is that you can totally dress it up! This espadrille is class. It also spans the seasons - regardless of the weather - they are an all time classic. They have such a minimalist cut and style, with the closed back and front, but open vamp area, your feet are still protected from the cold on cooler days, and on those hot days your feet still manage to get some fresh air. Being leather they're allowed to breathe as well. It's like a little hug for your feet!

My suggestion for the pre-season madness would be to grab yourself a pair of these gorgeous espadrilles. They're available in a multitude of colours and I promise you - they'll make you feel ready to take on the silly season in true style. Remember to use our special coupon code to take 10% off your order! Consider it a little gift from me to you this festive season! Here's a quick link to view the Badinga espadrille in the online store.

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