Phindi Loves : Zangemuva Wedge Heels - For Work & Play


adies, there's nothing like getting up in the morning knowing that you are headed for the longest day of your life at the office - added to that you also need to look the part at those meetings. So you start thinking... is it going to be a suit; pencil skirt and a blouse; maybe a dress or simply dressing up those skinny jeans?

Well, whatever you go with, we all know that the shoe you pick will ultimately make or ruin the outfit. With every look mentioned above, you will not go wrong when you complete it with Tsonga's Zangemuva Wedge Heels. They're super light and comfortable (for those long run around days) with hand-stitched upper premium soft milled cow leather that gives the shoe it’s quality and elegant status.

If you would like to purchase a pair of Zangemuva high-heeled wedges of your very own, visit this link: Zangemuva Wedges.

Phindi wears Tsonga wedge heel sandals

As women, we love heels as they enhance our overall look. We wear heels to make our legs look longer, to make the body look thinner and most importantly to improve our posture. I feel like there's no better shoe to do just that, improve your posture, than these lovely heels from Tsonga. Wedge heels offer much more support than stilettos or high heels.

Furthermore, keeping a balance is also easier on Zangemuva wedge heels which helps reduce the number of falls that accompany high heels. You know me, always looking at things from a health perspective... well these Zangemuva wedge heels have more arch support which reduces foot and ankle problems - and, because I am a bit of a runner, this is especially important to me!

Given the nature of my work (Business, Radio and TV), I always strive to rock up looking the part BUT I’ve also learnt that in looking the part COMFORT and QUALITY are crucial. Tsonga's Zangemuva wedge heels offer style, comfort and quality all in one… I say: "Go on and spoil yourself ladies!"

During the course of the week I will show you a couple of outfit suggestions that you could pair with these gorgeous sandals. Stay tuned!

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