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Phindi Loves : Badinga Espadrille – For Relaxing into the Holiday Festivities

Phindi Loves : Badinga Espadrille – For Relaxing into the Holiday Festivities

Good morning! We're a little late off the bat this week getting Phindi's latest feature out but we have been gearing up for a whopper sale come Black Friday. Without going into too much detail, let's jump straight into this weeks feature!

So the festive season is upon us and most people will be taking that well deserved break after a year of nothing but hard work. As you plan for that much needed rest, whether you're travelling, staying at home, visiting family or even, if you are like me, still working - it is important that you tone things down in every way. Let your hair down and kick off those boardroom heels. No more tip-toeing around the office.

Give your feet a bit of a breather without losing your sense of style. I recommend finding yourself that pair of shoes that allows you to still look smart, be comfortable, and gives you the option of wearing them with nearly everything in your wardrobe! You need a shoe that is ideal for almost any occasion - especially on holiday!

Holiday packing can be tricky. It needs proper planning and some thought process to every item going into the suitcase. We can always get away with packing a lot of clothes but never enough shoes. Shoes are naturally bulky and you don’t want to squeeze them into the suitcase and end up damaging them, do you? In an ideal world you could pack more than what you need but in reality you actually need fewer shoes that offer greater versatility. What shoe, you ask?

If you are the kind of girl who wears everything from Hot Pants, Dresses (all lengths) to jean and T-Shirts - I’ve got just the shoe for you. The Tsonga Badinga Espadrille is currently my absolute favourite. I love its trendy, sporty-yet-classic-and-clean look. For me, it serves both as a casual and semi formal shoe. When I feel like being ‘girly’, I rock it with dresses or skirts - the look is great when you need to be a little smart especially when you are on a holiday date night with girlfriends or your partner. You can also wear these lovely espadrilles with pants, however, I want to urge you ladies not to wear these stunning shoes with pants that cover your ankle. Trust me on this - you want to show off the beauty of this shoe.

The Badinga Espadrille is not only beautiful, but it is honestly the most comfortable shoe I have worn - ever. Like all Tsonga shoes though, comfort is naturally their number one priority. If, like me, you're working during the holidays, take advantage of the season: give your feet a break. They'll thank you for it later. The nice thing about the Badinga as an office shoe is that you can totally dress it up! This espadrille is class. It also spans the seasons - regardless of the weather - they are an all time classic. They have such a minimalist cut and style, with the closed back and front, but open vamp area, your feet are still protected from the cold on cooler days, and on those hot days your feet still manage to get some fresh air. Being leather they're allowed to breathe as well. It's like a little hug for your feet!

My suggestion for the pre-season madness would be to grab yourself a pair of these gorgeous espadrilles. They're available in a multitude of colours and I promise you - they'll make you feel ready to take on the silly season in true style. Remember to use our special coupon code to take 10% off your order! Consider it a little gift from me to you this festive season! Here's a quick link to view the Badinga espadrille in the online store.

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This is Phindi Gule,

Phindi Loves : Zangemuva Wedge Heels – For Work & Play

Phindi Loves : Zangemuva Wedge Heels - For Work & Play


adies, there's nothing like getting up in the morning knowing that you are headed for the longest day of your life at the office - added to that you also need to look the part at those meetings. So you start thinking... is it going to be a suit; pencil skirt and a blouse; maybe a dress or simply dressing up those skinny jeans?

Well, whatever you go with, we all know that the shoe you pick will ultimately make or ruin the outfit. With every look mentioned above, you will not go wrong when you complete it with Tsonga's Zangemuva Wedge Heels. They're super light and comfortable (for those long run around days) with hand-stitched upper premium soft milled cow leather that gives the shoe it’s quality and elegant status.

If you would like to purchase a pair of Zangemuva high-heeled wedges of your very own, visit this link: Zangemuva Wedges.

Phindi wears Tsonga wedge heel sandals

As women, we love heels as they enhance our overall look. We wear heels to make our legs look longer, to make the body look thinner and most importantly to improve our posture. I feel like there's no better shoe to do just that, improve your posture, than these lovely heels from Tsonga. Wedge heels offer much more support than stilettos or high heels.

Furthermore, keeping a balance is also easier on Zangemuva wedge heels which helps reduce the number of falls that accompany high heels. You know me, always looking at things from a health perspective... well these Zangemuva wedge heels have more arch support which reduces foot and ankle problems - and, because I am a bit of a runner, this is especially important to me!

Given the nature of my work (Business, Radio and TV), I always strive to rock up looking the part BUT I’ve also learnt that in looking the part COMFORT and QUALITY are crucial. Tsonga's Zangemuva wedge heels offer style, comfort and quality all in one… I say: "Go on and spoil yourself ladies!"

During the course of the week I will show you a couple of outfit suggestions that you could pair with these gorgeous sandals. Stay tuned!

Use my special promo code when you make your next purchase to get 10% off your order. One per customer. Valid until 31 December 2018. Exclusive to the Tsonga online store.

Meet Phindi Gule – Style Contributor for Summer

Meet Phindi Gule - Style Contributor for Summer

A few weeks ago we got to spend little over an hour with the effervescent Phindi Gule in her stunning Umdloti home. She has long been one of our "women to watch" and we are so excited to have her join the team this Summer as our style contributor. Phindi has a host of acclamations to her name for her contribution to radio in South Africa, as well as being a presenter, analyst and commentator on SABC television in the Athletics fraternity it is no wonder this woman just amazes everyone she meets.

She is a qualified Chemical Engineer and Journalist and to round off her already exquisite personality, this woman has accomplished several Ultra Marathons and in January, 2019, Phindi Gule will be launching her own weekly show on DSTV called "FitU with Phindi Gule". If she isn't someone to admire, then we don't know who is!

We feel honoured that in her busy schedule Phindi managed to share with us some of her Tsonga favourites and some styling inspiration that might help some of us plan our Summer wardrobes just a little bit better!

We will feature Phindi's style updates on Tuesdays each week. Be sure to follow along on both Tsonga and Phindi Gule social media platforms.

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Every Woman Cherishes Her Hair

FACT!!! Every Woman Cherishes Her Hair

Few things feel worse than combing/brushing your hair and seeing a ton of it left behind in the comb/ brush...and on the floor...and stuck to the walls of the shower...and lining the drain of the sink…

First of all, relax. The average person really does shed between 60 to 100 hairs a day. But if you feel like you’re shedding more lately, there may be something else behind your hair loss. Below are symptoms of hair that has “not been abused” because let’s face it we do sometimes abuse our hair and expect it to continue to look good - NO!!! Instead your hair will loose all life if you don’t take care of it.

Here’s Why You Might Be Loosing Your Hair: 

1. Your go-to style is murdering your hair

Are you over-processing your hair with relaxer cream? Do you have an intimately close relationship with your flat iron and hair dryer? Or are you devoted to hair colour? Harsh products and styling tools can all be too much, especially if you’re layering treatments and styling on top of already fried hair. This can cause hair to actually break off. The tell-tale sign of this kind of damage is finding pieces of hair missing the root or that aren’t as long as your other strands. 

The fix: Now’s the time to learn how to go with the flow... of your more natural hair texture and color, that is. Use a gentler sulfate-free shampoo that cleanses without further drying out your zapped hair with caustic detergent, and lay off the hot tools and tense hairstyles (like high ponytails and tight braids) to help give hair a chance to rehab. From time to time, give your hair a break and not do anything to it other than treating and nourishing it.

2. You have thyroid issues

Both hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) can lead to sudden hair loss that you may also notice in other areas like your eyebrows. Basically, when your thyroid is out of whack, it can mess with the hormones responsible for hair growth. So hair sheds naturally but is not replaced by new growth.

The fix: Once you successfully treat the condition (for Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism) hair usually grows back. You can help it along with healthy habits that help power hair growth, including eating enough protein-rich foods like lean chicken, Greek yogurt, and nuts. 

3. You're really, really freaking stressed

Is work the last place you want to be lately? Did you just go through a breakup? Have you been sick and your body is just out of whack? All of these situations create stress on the body, leading to a condition known as “shock hair loss,” a.k.a. telogen effluvium.
The bad news is this can take anywhere from weeks to several months to stop—the key is the source of stress must be identified & healed—but the good news is that it’ll fix itself once the stress is over.

4. You just had a baby...

Thanks to all the hormonal fluctuations, being a new mom is a major time for hair loss. While you’re pregnant, your estrogen levels skyrocket, leading to a surge in hair growth. But then those levels drop way down a few months after you give birth, forcing more hair than normal to shift into the “resting” rather than the “growth” phase—leading to lots of hair loss. 
The fix: The good news is that hair should begin to grow back on its own three to four months after you have your baby. 

5. ...Or you have PCOS 

Another cause can be Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which messes up your hormone levels and pumps out too much testosterone. Other PCOS symptoms include weight gain, severe acne, skipped periods, trouble conceiving, and excessive body hair. 

The fix: If you suspect you have PCOS, you’ll need to see your Doctor/ Gynae for treatment. After ruling out other issues (since there isn’t a test for PCOS), they’ll likely prescribe you hormonal birth control to balance out your hormones, along with a diabetes medication called metformin to regulate your insulin. Treatment should help restore your hair.


My Hair Story

Dreadlocks (my own hair) ...loved them dearly but the truth is it was not the ideal hairdo for a runner like myself. Added to that, with all the styling, my hairline was starting to get compromised! So opted for the tough route - start all over again GO Bald "CHISKOP" .

What a Stress-Free's get up and go!!! But I missed having hair, so I started growing it all over again.

Now I'm learning about my natural hair #MyLittleAfro. It's such a wonderful experience, just getting to understand what my hair needs to be healthy. I'm absolutely in love with this look, it suits my active lifestyle and easy to manage.


Personally, I’ve put my hair through a lot and quiet frankly it was out of sheer ignorance. For the longest time having straight hair was the best thing ever so for me it meant putting chemicals over and over again - DISASTER!!!!! Later in life I came to my own and learnt to appreciate my natural self. I started growing my natural hair then later grew dreadlocks. I loved my dreadlocks but being an active person I found that the hairdo didn’t work for me. Added to this, all the pulling while styling my dreadlocks compromised my hairline so I simply decided to start all over again - go BALD “Chiskop”. It is at this point that I started learning about my natural hair and doing right by it…it’s still a journey but I’m enjoying every step of the way. I now appreciate & respect my natural hair more than ever. 

Wear Your Crown Proudly Princess!!!!!

The Bra Story

The Bra Story

What you wear underneath your clothes is just as (if not more) important than the clothes themselves. Wearing the wrong undergarment can ruin your outfit and make you extremely uncomfortable...believe me I know - been there! It is sad to see that many women (all shapes and sizes) continue to make bra mistakes every day.

According to a recent study done by Swiss lingerie company, a startling number of women are choosing their bras incorrectly. The international survey of 10,000 women found that 64 percent are wearing the wrong size bra. Out of that 64 percent, 29 percent know they are wearing the wrong size...Yep!!! What's worse is that those women are admittedly unhappy about it. 

So why do some many women still get dressed every morning with the knowledge they are wearing an ill-fitting bra?

Well...Cost, for one. A good bra can leave a serious dent in your wallet, and since we're not supposed to wear the same one every day, they can become a large expense.'s a necessary expense!!!  Secondly, it's the heartbreaking truth I discovered recently. Most of us (in SA) think the smallest back bra size is a 32...NOT. I got a rude awakening recently while shopping for a Sports Bra. All my life I thought I was a 32D but after a professional fitting it turned out I'm a 28F...the shock!!!!! SA retailers you have failed us!!!!

There is no doubt, wearing a quality good fitting bra leaves you feeling great and can save you from spending an enormous amount of money later. Added to this, settling for a cheaper ill fitting bra compromises your health and day to day way of life.

I've attached visuals below so illustrate my point and to show you what an ill fitting bra looks like. Compare these visuals to how the bra you are wearing right now fits, be honest and make the necessary choice...go for a professional Bra fitting and invest in a Good Quality Bra(s) - it's NOT a LUXURY  but a NECESSITY!!!!